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Our Range of Tree Care Services

We don’t always expect you to know exactly what kind of tree care you require. So at our initial meeting we will be able to run through the various options with you and advise on the most appropriate course of action. Our advice costs nothing.

Tree Care Services

FellingComplete removal of a tree for various reasons. For example death of a tree, decay, disease or structural weaknesses. | Felling by SectionThe careful dismantling of a tree using modern rigging methods to ensure buildings, fences and shrubs remain undamaged. | PruningRemoval or shortening of problem limbs or branches, for example those reaching a house or telephone line. Removal of dead, diseased or rubbing branches that may damage otherwise healthy limbs or prove dangerous should they fall. | Dead WoodingThe removal of dead branches and limbs to reduce the hazard of them falling onto nearby buildings, vehicles or the public. | Hedge WorkWhatever you requirements, from annual trims to complete removal, we are able to undertake all your hedge work. | Crown RaisingRemoving branches from the bottom of the crown to provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles and buildings. For trees at the roadside the minimum clearance is often specified by local authorities. | Crown ThinningThe removal of selected secondary and small live branch growth throughout the crown to provide an even density of foliage more conducive to light penetration and less likely to suffer wind damage. | PollardingSevere pruning sometimes appropriate where the crown of a deciduous tree is simply too large for its location or in instances where extensive defects and weaknesses may make the tree unstable. | Cable BracingThis method is used to support structurally weak trees that are susceptible to damage or that may otherwise cause a hazard. | Root PruningPrevents serious damage to tree root systems from construction activity, alleviates root invasions to drains and sewers, eliminates safety hazards and alleviates or prevents damage to public property. | Stump GrindingThe removal of tree stumps normally down to a depth of between 6″ to 10″ below the ground with minimal ground disturbance and minimal time required. and more …

Hover your mouse over each tree care service for a brief description, or get in touch to discuss them in more detail.

Prior to any work commencing, we will visit you on site, whether this is at your home or an alternate location, at a time that suits you.

How We Work

After going through a full brief, we produce a free, no obligation quotation.

As a client you can be assured of quality advice, a clear outline of the tree care to be carried out and a firm quotation followed by efficient work to your satisfaction.

Pricing may be done on a fixed rate or daily rate depending on the tree work involved.

Whichever method we agree with you, we guarantee you’ll have no nasty surprises at the end.

“The tree work was carried out to the highest standards with no mess or fuss. Thank-you.” Abbotts Meadow Management Company Ltd